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Type Zero Civilization

by Chimp Change

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Cellar Door 02:17
There’s not a beer on earth that tastes as good as this one does Another shitty winter night is rectified by power chords and suds We’ll have to make a stop and get a few dozen gold tops Cuz nothing makes the night explode like Olympia and jager bombs So sing your fuckin heart out leave it all out in the pit We all have screwed up lives and this is how I deal with it Try to write a catchy punk song; all my friends can sing along And if your mixing captain mo’s, better make those fuckers strong The days are passing by like kamikazes in the night And I’m not getting too old without putting up a fight The musics loud, a drunken crowd, the perfect fucking scene I hope these crazy nights will never cease Another weekday show and no one ever really goes But it won’t get the best of us cuz we can handle anything life throws At us, We still don’t have a tour bus but that don’t really bother us Cuz we know down in Nebraska They fuckin’ love our shit!! So turn the radio off you’re not gonna find us there Although it seems like no one does well we still fuckin care We’ll keep fighting losing battles just as long as it stays fun And gladly be the anthem of the mainstreams destruction
Friction 02:37
I don’t wanna be a footnote to history; what can I do? It’s not quite how I planned it. One thing about our minds is they don’t change and it seems so fucking strange – it’s just another reason to escalate the war of words we’re in with our polychromate kin over everything we’ve done before and probably will again. Don’t give a fuck for politics, out tonight to get your kicks. Try opening your eyes… Friction has found its machine. It’s called power: can you hear that awful sound? No gods, no masters over me. I’d give anything to see it come crashing down. What is it that I’d see rise in place of the system I’d erase? Well I don’t fucking care, man All I know is I’ll be gone by then. when the sons of better men decide to solve that problem. I’ll welcome in the force of entropy as it starts reclaiming me, scattered all over the backdrop of our shared reality. Don’t give a fuck for politics, out tonight to get your kicks. Try opening your eyes…
And now it seems like ages ago when we were sneaking beers in through my basement window I’d raid my mothers coin jar just to buy some cap’n blacks I sold some dvds I knew I’d never get them back I’d pound a couple Colt 45’s I’d hop upon my bike and try to make it home alive And then it dawns on me as I approach my crescent This bike does not belong to me so I ditch it by a fence Well I’ve heard whats been said but it ain’t no gap to me These fucked up times and unsolved crimes made me all that I can be But I don’t have a clue if I could ever go back The sun brings in another new day There’s a 99 percent chance that I won’t be getting paid It’s a damn good thing I’ve got my guitar and some stolen beer Don’t care if they’re labbats light they’re still filling me with cheer So let’s hear it for my homey in the red toque He’s always there to take to take the hit when we pull off a goof And it doesn’t really matter what the bulls have got in mind Cuz we’ll be one step beyond and we’ll never walk their line
Inertia 01:53
Now my head aches once again for fuck sakes There’s something rotten in this state And it’s quite clear I don’t wanna be here I count the days til I escape. Never look back, need a plan of attack to right the wrongs that I have faced. More time wasted, justice never tasted - let’s get the hell out of this place! Twenty-eight times around the sun and I’m so tired. Running out of ways to tell myself that it’s alright. After twenty-nine, will I still be here treading water? If I don’t get out of here I think I’m gonna lose my fucking mind. Days expire, shit is looking dire; these mindless drones don’t have a clue. When I tell them they can go to hell, when they always seem to misconstrue everything I live and fucking breathe by - they’re living in some backwards dream. And I feel like shit will never feel right nothing’s as flawless as it seems!
Temporary 02:42
I go to sleep tonight with my apologies in tow This ain’t my first at bat I’m gonna need em tomorrow A stubborn fool, still haven’t learned just when to quit My whining livers got me yearning for that early exit Feels like a dream… Their condescending faces are too real My sanity… was lost before I even knew the deal These memories… or lack thereof are haunting me today Searching my soul that don’t exist to find another way Find another way. Reality is harsh as is the morning sun and heat A stubborn fool I’d rather just forget than to admit defeat A pounding head, a disgraced name; Small price to pay to play this game I holding my throbbing head up high and tell myself another lie And as I pick up the pieces scattered in my room I fist fight depression and curb stomp this gloom Cuz life goes on.
Hot Glue Gun 02:20
Did you ever get the feeling that maybe all you’ve done is make it worse for the ones around you? Some crutches can’t be thrown away; to part with them would mean to die - it’s alright. No, it’s not alright. I see you pretty clearly from the bottom of this empty bottle. I’ve had about as much of all of this as I can fucking swallow. It sounds so hollow. No one’s getting out of here alive. You won’t make it out of here alive. I don’t want to make it out alive. Drunk besotted sursurrations, the voices in my head are getting louder. It gets so loud here. I’ve yet to find the bridge that I won’t burn to prove the point I think I’m making. There’s no mistaking… Don’t expect the world from me I won’t be coming back with much of anything. I’ve got fucking nothing. And less than that is what I’d give to make you see things any other way today. There’s no safer way.
Don’t move a muscle this impending doom is typical I ain’t no fuckin stranger to dismay And if I hustle I can crash back down to Earth in record time And fake my way throughout the day And if I never felt another thing, I wouldn’t even care And all this hope that I could never bring would only smother my despair. The act that follows it’s just not as good the third time round This practice won’t make perfect, sad to say These pills I swallow won’t create a smile on my tired face I make it happen my own way And if I never felt another thing, I wouldn’t even care And all this hope that I could never bring would only smother my despair. And if I had another chance at this I swear this time I’d try And all this hatred that I could dismiss Could buy me a little more time A little more time!
No Tomorrow 03:23
Well you’re just eighteen with nothing in your pocket and you don’t have a clue about life or how you wanna live it. Up in the air like everyone else you know - chasing girls, crashing cars, getting drunk at all the shows Although it might be killing you, there ain’t no chance of slowing down to think it through. Nothing is enough for you. Fast track ride down the other side of crazy, details start to fade as your mind gets lazy. Spinning spinning, never stopping, drinking til you’re fucking dropping. Steal it high, sell it low - that’s the way it fuckin’ goes. You know we’ve seen it all before; it doesn’t matter anymore. We’re gonna die anyway, that’s why we say Live like there’s no tomorrow. When tomorrow comes, it might not be what you really wanted. You might be a little older but you ain’t much smarter. Easy life you chose is only getting harder. Running out of money and you’re running out of time. Feeling lots of pressure just to fall in line. And it only makes sense that you don’t know how to live a life like that one, doing what they want you to. Every morning after slightly harder than the last one. It all ends the same way no matter how your luck runs. Spinning spinning, never stopping, drinking til you’re fucking dropping. Steal it high, sell it low - that’s the way it fuckin’ goes. You know we’ve seen it all before; it doesn’t matter anymore. We’re gonna die anyway, that’s why we say Live like there is no tomorrow at all!
July 12 02:45
Well I’m thinking that I’d rather feel alive than dead but it turns out that I’m only feeling drunk instead. As I listen to another stolen punk cd, I notice myself wishing that the singer was me. Cuz I struggle to produce a single fuck at times about all the petty circumstances of my life, but when I lose my voice from belting out these songs we wrote I forget about the bullshit and it gives me hope. Never let it go Never let it go Well people come in go in life but the good ones stay to help you stomp depression on a rainy day. Pain is pain and shame is shame, it brings me down, but I always find salvation in a punk show crowd. Cuz the days go by and I can’t help but thinking of the fact that I’m the patron saint of fuckin up. But I’ll live and learn and crash and burn and carry on and hope that you’ll still be here by the end of this song .
Cynic 02:28
It seems as though we've turned down (or allowed to pass us by) every chance we've had to change things. It makes me wonder: why - if society is so free - are we still compelled to serve despotic, spiteful bastards who don't think that we deserve a meritocracy? That isn't the way it works, and I'm surprised you haven't figured it out. You say I'm a cynic, as if that were the worst thing. Well you're wrong: I could be stupid, just like you. Although I hate repeating what’s already been said: consider all the facts before you get it in your head that what you do could ever matter - or mean anything at all – when at any given time you could be up against that wall. And we’ll keep fighting until we die. Until there’s nobody left alive To mourn your passing. Good riddance, too; We won’t survive the likes of you.
Casualty 03:13
I still exist it seems, but somedays I can barely lift my legs. A heavy heart, the years flew by but yet they still seemed to drag. There’s something missing - we keep dismissing this hell. There is no heaven in my mind but yet I hope you’re still out there keeping a watchful eye on us and all the crosses that we bear. It’s been a while, but I hope you’re all doing well When you’re feeling beat down there’s no reason to drown. The memories are piercing in this dying town. Try to burn em away but yet hold them so dear. Cuz life’s too damn short to spend it living in fear. There seems to be discrepancies within these blueprints of my life. I know I’m not alone but yet something doesn’t feel right. It’s so haunting, a task so daunting to me. It’s hard to rearrange the mangled thoughts let loose in my brain. It’s hard to keep a level head when all you feel is disdain. It’s not so easy to deal with reality.


Chimp Change brings their special blend of pop-infused skate punk back for another go-around. Get in on the digital pre-order and get early access to 3 tracks! Impress your friends! Be the envy of every Jane, Jim, and Jerry on the block! Preorder ends June 18th (whereupon those of you rad enough to handle it will be emailed a download link), and the physical discs will be on sale by the band at their shows starting later that same month.

Chimp Change:
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released June 18, 2013

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Casey Lewis at Echo Base.


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